Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Released from ER

Dr. Wigle (thoracic surgeon) released us from the ER.  He is saying that because Derek is not having symptoms like shortness of breath or chest pain, he would not do anything at this time with the pneumothorax.  He didn't know if the pneumothorax was getting better or getting worse with just a one-time snapshot.  The upper lobe is still fully inflated, but the partial collapse of the lower lobe is what showed up on the CT.  Derek's case is unique, because most people don't walk around with a pneumothorax of this size.  Dr. Wigle doesn't want to jump into a surgery or another chest tube without Derek showing obvious signs of distress because of everything he has been through with his lungs.

We are to follow-up with a chest x-ray on Monday, July 1, at home.  Thanks for all of your prayers!  We'll keep you posted.  Right now, we are in the waiting room of Dr. Buckner (medical oncologist) awaiting results of yesterday and today's MRIs of brain and spine.

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