Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Night

Just filling you in since the weekend.  We were expecting Monday to be uneventful but then the group of residents came in and said they would remove one tube in the morning, one in the afternoon, and I'd be out today.  When the PA came in to remove the tube, we convinced him to clamp it shut for a while instead of pulling it out.  This would do the same thing to my lung but in the case it was going to collapse again they would not have to reinstall it.  I went to get an xray around noon and felt fine, but thought I saw a little pneumo starting.  As I ate lunch I felt the same pain in my right lung, pain at the end of the breath.  So from these two things we concluded that the lung was collapsing again so we just put the tube back on suction again.  The Dr is out of town.  He had indicated that due to my history, we would take a slow and conservative approach.  Evidently that didn't get through to the residents before he left.  I think it's through today.  So today I pretty much sat around on suction both sides.  I'm notsure if much will happen tomorrow or not.

Lexi headed back home with Leann's folks.  We did skype the kids at home a couple times.  We are getting ready just to be with them and not have to be apart so much.

My attitude has been good.  I've had a fair amount of energy and been up working a fair amount today.

Thanks everyone for your prayers.  It's been a big boost this week.

Derek & Leann


  1. Derek and LeAnn

    thanks for the update.... I'm always waiting to hear more from you... was at our choir practice last night with Katy and Melissa over in Peoria, and as we sang the songs there were three that stood out for me as I thought about you both....

    "Amazing Grace... my chains are gone, I've been set free!!" (my own words now: how can I get to this place in my mind and in my spirit - I pray you can!)

    My Redeemer is faithful and true - (yes, He is!)

    and the final song that is somewhat of a "chant" - "we are not alone, we are not alone" - a beautiful song with a really stirring soprano solo, that I just love.... every time I think of the words I think of you... "we are not alone" (we really aren't!!)

    Hope you have a wonderful week - if not in the body, then in the spirit! I think the apostle Paul said something like that in one of his epistles... maybe he was having a not so good week as well, like we all encounter from time to time

    Love Dean

    1. Our prayers are with you Derek and Leann and family. Take one day at a time as we all certainly don't know what God's plans are for our life. We appreciate the updates. Love Dennis and Gail Massner.