Monday, June 11, 2012

Mtg this week with oncologist

Not a lot to say today, but just wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and ask that you pray this week for our meeting with the oncologist on Thursday afternoon.  I have been in more pain the last week in my back.  The last few days it is painful when I get up out of bed.  It's funny, the pain is not when I stand up, but about 5 seconds after and it only lasts a few seconds.  I've also been much more sleepy and less energetic.  I've been doing more physically since I don't really have any pain when lifting or working.  It seems like my back might be getting stronger as it relates to all the surgical areas.

Our plan for Thursday's meeting is to discuss our Dr's experience with Avastin, ask a lot of questions, and then pray for direction on what we should do.  If I knew the pain meant the tumor was growing, I'd probably be inclined to do the chemo, but it's still hard to know.  I guess I'm more concerned about my quality of life than the exact length.  I don't want to go through a lot of pain just to add a few weeks or months.

Thanks again for all your love and prayers.  We feel unworthy and thankful for all the support we feel.
Derek & Leann


  1. Dear Bro Derek and Sis Leann,

    You are in our prayers.

    Love, Dan and Dorothy

  2. Derek and LeAnn - We continue to remember you daily... I am encouraged with some of my own struggles as I read about you carrying yours. Thanks for writing, I know it's not so easy as life is busy and the topic is hard. I want you to know that each and every time we visit in church is a joy for me - it really is - I greatly appreciate and love you.