Thursday, June 28, 2012

MRI done

I finally got through the two MRI sessions.  During last Friday's scan, the machine broke down so that was rescheduled for today.  It was a long session, took 2 1/2 hours for the brain and neck scan.  I'm glad that I have no pain when laying on the table and am content laying in a confined space for long times.  Getting up off the table took some help and was painful.

The last few days have been the roughest yet of the journey.  All the other times I had pain or stiffness, I had more hope that it would get better.  When you are recovering from surgery, you have hope you will heal and things will get better.  The worst pain is when I sit up after laying down on the couch or being in bed.  I haven't really got on a good routine of pain med yet, which I need to do, so maybe that will help some.  It's about all I can do to bend over and get my socks on or off.  I even notice that my walking is going a bit slower, I just can't take as long a stride as before.

I'm not trying to complain.  I want you all to know that I would not trade places with anyone.  But as before I find it hard not to be open and share what is going on.  Pray most of all for my attitude, and that I can remain upbeat and smiling.

What I'm Learning from Cancer #1

Our Faith is the “Real Deal”.  What we have been taught about salvation is true.  When I come to the edge of life, I can see the peace in my heart and the confidence that I am ready to die.  I guess another way of saying this is that when I look back at my decision 19 years ago to put my faith in Jesus Christ and repent for my sins, I don’t regret that decision.  It has been worth it, and any short-term “sacrifices” were worth it.  If you are “sitting on the fence”, let me assure you that our faith is one that you can die by.  I gave this analogy to the Sunday School kids.  When you decide you want to be a fireman, you probably have a little nervousness of whether you would really be able to put out a true house fire or not.  So you train every week, the chief sets practice fires, and you learn how to put out a fire.  But you still don’t really know if you’ve been taught properly until you have a real fire call.  And then you are able to put out the fire, and see that the things you were taught about fighting fires were correct.  So it’s like I’ve been to the fire call now, I know what we have been taught about salvation is able to give me peace as I face death.  I don’t wish the pain and anguish on any of you, but there is a certain comfort in being tested in this way and being more convinced in my mind that what we believe of salvation is true.

Derek & Leann


  1. I appreciate your openness and sharing. Praying for you.

  2. Amazing witness Derek! Amber and I continue to pray for you and your entire family. May God continue to bless you and give you peace!!

  3. May God continue to sustain you and your sweet family. Your faith is truly an example to many. Blessings from KC.
    Joan Fehr

  4. I love this analogy! Thanks for sharing. You and your sweet wife are in my prayers. Erin Ott

  5. You are an encouragement to all of us and a living testimony to Christs love. I am sure your amazing anology left a mark on the sunday school kids. We are praying for you all and if you should need anything we are only a mile away. Larry and Ida

  6. God is using you to teach us all. I hope your family will always understand and appreciate that as they grow up. In His love. Beth S.

  7. "Now faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things unseen" (Hebrews 11:1). Truly your faith and peace is a miracle of God, and evidence of His continued working in your heart on your behalf. We love you, and pray for you and your family often. Kevin and Rachel