Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Be prayerful for next week

Time keeps flying by.  We had a good time last week.  My cousin and her family was here from Texas and we have a lot of good memories of summers when we were kids.  It was good to see her kids doing some of the same things with ours.  Sunday we had invite-a-couple at church.  It was good to have so many visitors, a wonderful singing Sunday evening, it was just a good weekend.

I went to the eye dr yesterday, everything looks fine to him in my eye.  The shingles are mostly over, a few scabs left yet, but not much pain if any at all.  My right eye is still a bit puffy though.

Monday we leave for Mayo's for followup with my surgeon and oncologist.  I have MRI scans Monday afternoon and Tuesday, and then we meet with the doctors on Wednesday.  The hardest part about this is thinking ahead to if they would recommend chemo.  It's just a decision I've never wanted to have to make.  I see so many people suffer through it with poor quality of life with questionable benefit.  But then some people have gone through it and lived a long time.  Just pray that we can ask the right questions, understand the options, and have wisdom to make good decisions.  And then maybe they won't even recommend it and we won't have any hard decisions at all.

Thanks again for your loving support and prayers,
Derek & Leann


  1. We will pray for the Lord's guidance in your many decisions. We pray for peace for you and Leann in the decisions you are lead to make. We pray for strenght and healing for you.
    God is good all the time. Larry and Ida

  2. We will be praying.

    In Christ,

    Paul & Betsy