Friday, March 9, 2012

Home for the weekend

We are almost home, another 20 minutes to go. Today was treatment 17 of 30. I'm really thankful how it's been going. Other than the elevator at Jill's house, The foyer at treatment center, and the few hours after each treatment, I haven't felt too sick. My stomach is rarely 100 percent but it's been a lot better than last summer. It must be everyone's prayers.

This week flew by again. On Wednesday we went to the zoo in Indy. It was 70 and sunny. On Thursday I got a tour of the Beck's seed company from one of the brothers in Indy church. Leann went shopping without the kids, as we've had a number of offers from ladies from church to help out with babysitting. Then today we cleaned our room and got a few things put together for the weekend home and my 3 pm treatment rolled around before we knew it.

As long as I sleep and rest with my head up, I've been feeling pretty good, and the stiffness and pain in my back is pretty low. One day I laid down flat for about 1/2 an hour and I was surprised how quickly the headache and pain came back. Next wednesday is my last whole brain treatment, and I will go from 7 to 3 fields for my treatments. The dr said that the headaches should decrease in severity at that point. They are caused by swelling of the brain from the radiation, and that's coming to an end.

Thanks again for all your prayers. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Tremont.
Derek & Leann

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