Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another mayo visit

We came up to mayos the last couple days since they wanted to followup with my pneumonia and I have had more back pain.  I had a complete set of scans yesterday and this morning.  We met with the doctors this afternoon.  The scans show the upper back tumor has grown a little.  This is consistent with the pain i have had.  Their basic conclusion is that I can increase the pain med if needed.  As for the pazoponib I am on, they were ready to give up on that.  We convinced them that I stay on that for the time being since my symptoms only increased during the time I was off it.  This was the hospitalization and a few days afterwards.  They want me to do an octreoscan to see if i am a candidate for a certain type of drug.  this test looks for somatostatin on the surface of the tumor.  i wasnt able to get that test this same trip but will do it next time i am up.  Dr Buckner is going to look into a couple other drugs in regards to the genetic testing I did last year.

I am not surprised by what the scans showed, but it is discouraging nonetheless.  Thanks for your prayers over the past weeks.  As for future prayers, just pray that the pazoponib can work and my pain is controlled.  Otherwise, I have been feeling good, my brain has been working,eating is going better for the most part.  I have lots of reasons to be thankful.

Derek and Leann

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  1. Derek and LeAnn
    It's been quite awhile since I've been able to catch up on blogs... but I should be having more time now, as my work at Cat is quickly drawing to a close (I am down to two hours a day now - with no more foreseen travel).

    The various treatments you talk about are a "mystery" to me, but that's ok - all I really need to do is just keep praying for you both, and your kids that you can take comfort in the knowledge that God is in control, and that the physical discomfort doesn't overwhelm your basic joy in following Christ.

    I know this can happen, but I pray that your trials don't affect you that way. The best example of course is Jesus who suffered so much for us, and yet kept His attitude positive - always looking for how He could help others. I hate to use an example from my family, but I have to bring up my dad as another example.... he could have easily fallen into depression, but he lives an exciting joy filled life, because he lives "vicariously" through the lives of his friends, family, grandkids, etc...

    I guess the general message for all of us is that when we get too "self centered" we become weak in various ways. The two great commandments in Matthew 22 bear this out - both of them are looking outward.... Love the Lord our God, and Love our neighbors... not much time left to be centered on our selves (I can be really bad at this at times).

    What wisdom is found in the Word if we can just find the time to go there -

    Love in Jesus, Dean